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Hotsie Totsie Baby & You 04.06.09

There are alot of you who would steer clear of anything with the word "baby" in it, particularly if it's in the name of a store. However, Hotsie Totsie Baby is anything but shopping for tots only.

Allow us for a moment to give a few reasons why you, Miss Hotsie Totsie BABE, should shop the original creations of this Southeast Texas designer. For the mini babes, there are custom onesies, tutus, aprons, tees and dresses. For the "older" and oh-so-hot babe (that's you and me), Hotsie Totsie Baby creates grown-up aprons, handbags, monogrammed coffee & beverage mugs and more. If your little one is a bit prissy, you'll for sure want to gift her with her very first pair of high heels or a teeny weeny polka dot bikini!


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