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Beaumont Enterprise Story Correction

A personal note from the creator, Ashley Behn:

Many friends within the community know a little bit more about me than just the fact that I run On March 22, 1988, my father, a Beaumont police officer, was killed in the line of duty. Today, the Beaumont Enterprise ran a story - an update of sorts - on my family.

I want to make a major correction to the story. The story says that my sister visited my "father's gravesite with her half-brother, Sam, who happens to be the son of her father's co-worker."

The correction is that while yes, we have a brother named Sam, he is not the son of a police officer. A few years after my father's death, my mom re-married to Sam Gallier III. Together, they have my brother, Sam IV. The truth of the gravesite visit is that my sister was accompanied by her boyfriend Adam Gurski. And yes, Adam is the son of a police officer.

I'm trying to field all those phone calls that say, "I didn't know..." or prevent you from formulating ideas that sound scandalous! It's just the case of a bad misprint, not some new gossip.

Thanks for listening!


New Birthing Options in Southeast Texas

By Amy "know your options" Jones

Southeast Texas, including the Houston area, has a variety of options available for expectant parents and truly something for everybody. Most of us know about the “medical” options out there..…..i.e., the labor and delivery areas of our Golden Triangle hospitals and the obstetricians who deliver there. Did you know, though, that there are birthing centers within about an hour’s drive of Beaumont where almost any expectant mother with a normal pregnancy can deliver a healthy baby totally without the drugs or interventions that are part of the “system” of hospital births? There are also several Houston-area midwives who are willing to drive to southeast Texas to attend a homebirth.

Birth is a hugely transformative and life-changing event and one that deserves the same dedication to research and informed decision-making that any other major life event is afforded. Too many women see their doctors as authority figures and get lost in the process of deciding what they want for THEIR births. One way to help ensure that you get what you want from your birth experience is to employ the services of a doula as soon as possible when you become pregnant. A doula functions as a pregnant woman’s friend, teacher, and support provider. A good doula will present you with options available in your area and educate you on the pros and cons of each option. She will suggest and help you decide on a primary caregiver if you haven’t already chosen one and will help you write a “birth plan”, a sort of “agenda” for your birth experience. She also attends your birth, offers support and comfort techniques from positioning to massage to acupressure, alerts you to detours from your plan, but never speaks on your behalf to your primary caregiver or any other medical professional.

Research shows that in a normal, low-risk pregnancy, out-of hospital deliveries are just as safe as hospital deliveries. Midwives are equipped with much of the same emergency equipment that doctors are and are skilled in handling many types of emergency situations from postpartum hemorrhage to shoulder dystocia to infant resuscitation and have MUCH more experience with normal delivery than obstetricians since they view birth from a much different perspective. That is that birth is a normal part of the circle of life and not always a medical event that must be managed.

Southeast Texas has one of the highest cesarean section rates in the nation and is also one of the areas that doesn’t allow for midwives to practice in our local hospitals. St. Elizabeth’s closed their midwife clinic in early 2003, which had been a part of the hospital for years, effectively ending Beaumont-area women’s access to quality in-hospital midwifery care.

Part of my issue with a birth experience in a Beaumont area hospital is the lack of options for a more naturally-minded expectant mother. As a part of the natural mothering culture in Beaumont, I am disappointed that there isn’t more available to me. One of the resources that you can use if you are of the same sort of mindset is the website’s “pregnancy” page. There are names and contact information for local doulas and midwives who attend homebirths in our area and have birthing centers in the Houston area that are available to Beaumont-area women.

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